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If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door.: January 2006

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hello one and all!!! I have and urgent message to report!!!..................um.....actaully, i forgot.. Except the fact that YOUTH WAS TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved it!! Im so thankful that that guy, Curtis, came. He was cool. I cant wait to hang with him more often. And thank you, BOB, for praying for me, i think it really helped. I love you :-). HEY, i just had an inspirational idea!! I think we need to get a football game goin on Saturday!! That would be totally intense!!!!!

Back to the youth group, I thought that the whole "writing in the book" really helped me. I think im gonna start doin that now. Well, this post was for you BOB!!!!! I think IM gonna start serinating my posts to people.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Η ζωή είναι καλή όταν σας εγώ ....

I have to say, this had to be one of the greatest weekends of all time!! First on Friday, I went to little play things with Ali and Hayden , which were totally gay but it was worth it cuz we went to the park right before that and it was awesome!!! THen Hayden came over, stayed the night, and it was fun. Then on Sat i went over to the Roberts for dinner and it was so GOOD!! I had like..........a gargantouos mound of tators and gravy that I actually finished. I was so proud of myself. Then me, Jon, David, and Hayden went to Lukes and played poker and played more poker on XBOX live against people in Ontario. PRETTY INTENSE. Sunday we had an awesome church service in which I got to eat good food, chill with friends, and listen to my dad's preaching. COOL. next, I went to Sean's and skateboarded a lot and played a little XBOX live. We did really well too cuz the people we played were like...............5 years old and were terrilble. It was funny to here Sean and this little kid yelling at each other. We then went to Legends with Jon, Tim, Hayden, and the Alies. It would have been a tad-bit better if the stores werent closed. BUT, we went to Applebee's and ordered a bunch of appetizer's!! It was awesome. I had a blast! Expecially when I was seeing how many waters the waitress would let me have. Everytime she came to check on us, I needed a refill. I got down to having..........4 or 5 waters. That was actually not a good idea cuz I had to pee so bad by the time we got back to the church!! THEN, I went to school and had an I eat day. Yeah, well thats all for now!!!!

Je t'aime tous et vous verront mercredi !!!!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

HELLO. Man, last night was pretty intense..... I was with Hayden and Ali and we were about to go to these little skit-play things at LHS. We were drivin and we still had about 20 minutes to kill so we just went to Cody park and swung on the swings. Pretty intense. THen I remembered that Justin was right across the street at his grandma's house, so I called him over. Then I yelled at him a little for bein a dork ( I'll have to tell you the story another time) Then we left to go to these plays and we got FRONT ROW SEATS!! Yeah well, the first play was GREAT, but the other ones were sick.......disgusting.......made me wanna vomit......and thats all the truth!!

Anyway, when those were done, Ali dropped me and Hayden off at my humble abode and we watched very random shows on the television. VERY INTENSE. ANd now im at my computer the next morning..................

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ya know what?? Im thinkin about quitting this whole "blog" business. I get like 2 COMMENTS TOPS!!! CRAZY!!! Even people that siclude themselves from the rest of the world and have no friends except their pet squirrel, HAVE MORE COMMENTS THAN ME!!! Pathetic. Im like a Nerd+++++ !!!!! I guess my only true friends are Ali and Aley cuz theyre the only ones who comment me!!! Luke doesnt, Cody doesnt, Bob, doesnt, Sean doesnt ( but seans my friend anyway cuz me and him are like this..........uh, that was a hand-gesture) ANYWAY, if I dont get more than 10 COMMENTS, IM DONE!!!!! FOREVER!!!

PEACE OUT......... and enjoi.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello everyone. Did you have a nice weekend?? Great. Just peachy. Well, this weekend I had a bad series of events. First, I was supposed to go to this Band thing on Friday that would take up the whole weekend, but that got canceled because of the freezing rain hazard. So the school made us leave at 6:00 in the morning from the school. That means I had to wake up at 5:00 to go to a STUPID BAND THING!! Totally bogus!! Anyway, we had a 2 hour trip on the bus to go to Manhattan. I was planning to sleep during this time, but this kid across from me, Colby, was listening to Heavy Metal with his headphones and decided to sing along, therefore, not letting me sleep. Plus, we were on the backroads that really sucked. I was on the verge of sleep when next thing I knew I was like........3 ft. off of the seat cuz we hit a huge bump. TERRIBLE. When we finally arrived, we were rushed in to our Band rooms that each of us was assigned to, and began our rehearsals for the upcoming concert.........come sunday. 2-3 hours later, we went to Aggieville (sp) for lunch in which Me, Jon, and Colby, and 2 other girls went for a Pizza Hut buffet and then went to........COLDSTONE'S CREAMERY!!!! Yeah, you heard me. Coldstone's........... I got the usual giant bowl. GREAT. Anyway, then we went to Rehearse again til 5 then had a break for like and hour, and then rehearsed some more...... Then we rehearsed twice on Sunday and finally did our concert which was I eat. (pronounce the "I eat" and you get some awckward slang). Then we began our sleep-filled journey home..........zzzzzzzzz................. Went to school next day and skipped the first hour cuz it was band and we had been in band all weekend so Mom said we could skip it. THANK YOU!!! I slept til about 8:08 then headed off for torture. Come 3rd hour, I was really tired and I didnt feel like taking Mr. Larson's crap. He yells at me for absolutely no reason.....So when he yelled I just yelled back in a "picking on Mr. Larson" kind of way. It was quite enjoyable. Thinking about doing it tomorrow. jk.

I'll talk to all of you loverlies later skater...........

The Flumbuctouous JC.

Over and out.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hows it goin?? Oh, Im doin great, thanx!!! Absolutely peachy.. Um,...sorry for not bein this cheerful at youth, but after goin to school, I just wanna go die. Oh, Im so proud of me for doin so well in this one class!!! Usually I have a low B or C becuase Im terrible at this class, but this quarter Im actually kinda trying and I HAVE AN A!!! I got an 86 on the huge test which I was actually proud of myself for doing cuz I never study for any of the tests and usually get B's or C's and once I got a very bad grade, but Im not going to speak of that. And enough about school..

Youth Group was awesome!!! Im so proud of Luke for that awesome sermon thingy. It was life changing.(tear). I really sucked at drums during practice, but I didnt do so bad during the actual worship. I felt pretty lucky. Actually no, it wasnt luck, I think it was cuz we prayed before worship. THat really helps!!

Well, I wont be able to update tomorrow unless I sneak out of class and go to the library. I have to go to that band thing. Hhhhhhhhhh................homosexual, not gay , cuz gay could mean happy and this is no where close to that....I'll talk to all of you beautiful people in exactly...............5 days. I cant come to church cuz thats the day I perform my magical abilities.

I love everyone of you...................seriously.......lol.


P.S. Here's my WILL in case I die at this evil place.:

Hayden gets my..........quilt......and my.........pillow........
Sean gets my.......board......window sill...
Aley gets my.........new light bulb..........old shoe lace...........
Ali gets my..........backstage Relient K pass..........and my other old shoelace.........
Justin gets my............um............nothing....
Luke gets my............muffins.........and cakes.............
Bob gets my............my dressor............1 penny

The rest of my stuff goes to....................DING DING!!!! The lucky winner is.......................my pet squirrel, "NUTS".


Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It just came to my attention that I wont be able to hang with you guys this weekend. SORRY!! I have to go to some huge band thing in Manhattan. No, not like a rock band thing either. I have to go with some kids in the school. Its this thing that you have to audition to see what group your best in (6 differant groups, the 1st one being the best). You have to be really good to get into the 1st group, and Im pretty sure that I'll make it in. PRAY THAT I GET IN!!! That would be seriously sweet!!

Great, I just realized that I wont be at church on SUNDAY!! This totally bites. Skipping church to go to some band thing. Hhhhhhhhhhh.................This so-totally sucks...........

On a happier note, I have superior grades this quarter. Im so happy.. Wel, I'll see all of you beautiful citizens later.

--JC out.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Today was flippin awesome!!! I was gonna go to a skatepark but Sean was being a loser saying that he didnt want to go to Lawrence; realy hurt my feelings.(tear). Then I called Justin and see if he wanted to come, but he wanted to go get some shoes instead of hang with me. After that I felt like crap cuz be two best homies had deserted me. But then I decided I'd go with the Roberts to Lawrence and go bargain hunting and buy some sweet stuff. After about 3 hours of walkin around, I hadnt found anything, so me and Hayden decided to go to Coldstone's Creamery. AWESOME!!!!!! I got a huge bowl of ice cream that Ali didnt think I would finish. Not only did I finish it, but I finished Jon's because he couldnt eat anymore. I DIDNT EVEN GAIN A POUND!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! Anyway, Ali kept saying that I was gonna get superbly fat and was makin fun of me the whole day. After that I had some pretty suicidal thoughts.jk. Nah, I knew she was just messin with me ( or at least I hope so). Today was sweet!!

Oh and last night we all went to the Jones Store cuz they were havin some crazy sale goin on. I got this awesome leather "biker-ish" jacket for only 20 bucks!!!! Its like a $100 jacket!!!! I was pretty proud of my bargaining skillz. I was gonna get a bunch of pants that were on the CLEARANCE rack, but they all turned out to be for some big-meated citizens. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............

Oh, and did I mention that me and Hayden beat Tim and Mrs. Roberts at Cranium???? I was so proud of us cuz Mrs. Roberts is like a certified GENIOUS. I better of spelled that right. Well, I'll talk to all of you beatiful citizens of Leavenworth............later.



Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello one and all. I just thought I'd update cuz I havent in a while. So boorriingg....Im still at school waitin for Ryan to get out so we can finally leave these evil place of torture. I think Im seriously about to die.

On a happier note, Im no longer all twisted up with the Alies. Let me clarify. Yesterday everyone seemed to be getting mad or annoyed with everyone. Now all of that is over and life goes on. I, for one, thought Youth went splendidly peachy yesterday...........hold on....be back in a spell.....

Ok Im back.

Oh, I have to tell you about something I did yesterday after school. It was hilarious!!! All right here goes:

Yesterday after school this really popular junior came up to me and asked if she could have some of my soda. What she didnt know was that I just dropped my soda like.....3 times and seeing as how much I hate popularity, I let her have it. Next thing you know she has Cherry Coke all over her!! I think I'll remember that for a long time. Well, I really have to leave now...



Monday, January 09, 2006

Id just like to thank all of the little people that I stepped on to get where I am today!!

Oh, last nite was flippin awesome!! I thought the best part was just skating with Phil. It was awesome cuz I ollied over the milk crate at its highest peak!! It was awesome!! Im also really proud of Phil cuz he got up on the picnic table a couple of times. It was pretty sweet. Then we came in cuz Phil hurt himself, he caught his knee on the picnic table and fell spread eagle to the ground. He was limpin for a while but I think he was alright. Well, I gots to go, cuz I told my teacher that I was coming in here to check out a book.



Friday, January 06, 2006


Ok, heres the deal. Tonite Im gonna go play drums at the game tonite. Not too exciting. It would be exciting if they let us bring out the drumset and let us play that cuz that would be flippin awesome. Oh, and another plus is that Ali and maybe the other Aley and hopefully Hayden witll come too!! Cant wait. Tomorrow I get to do absolutely nothing......not that I like it that way, but thats just how things work. Well, this is my short post of the day and I expect each of you to actually comment 10 times each. If you dont comment 10 times each, I'll know that you didnt really read my post and just skipped right to the comment part.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today i did absolutely nothin but go to school. Thats it. Oh but im really excited about goin to the "Youth" thing. Im voting for Texas no matter what Luke says. Luke is a mean person who just wants to go for the same team as Mr. Dumbrowski cuz he feels intimidated by him and wants to suck up. lol .

Anyways, Cody's about to come over cuz he needs a ride to the 'browski's place and we're just gonna chill for a while. Yeah. Well, I'll update some other day, but until then you guys can comment me 10 times each and have a wonderful day.



Monday, January 02, 2006


Hello. I just got done playin poker with everyone and Luke and Angie. I did terrible. I got like.........8th place out of 6 people, thats how bad I did. OH, I cant wait!!! We're havin homemade pizza tonite!!! I cant wait! Oh, and we're also gonna go to Bob's game and have an awesome time. Well, I think we're goin to his game but Im not positive.

Well Im gonna go do what I do, so um..........BYE BYE


Sunday, January 01, 2006

YAY!!! For those of you slackers who dont know, TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF JANUARY AND THE BIG '06!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Anyway, this year Im thinkin of doin some awesome "New Year's Resolution" thing. Lets see, what should I do? Here I'll make a list for you ladies and almost gentlemen.

1) Play more video games

2) Watch more TV

3) Eat more brownies and cupcakes

4) Create mass destruction to Easton, KS

Ok, Im just playin with all of your little minds. jk.. Heres the real deal.

1) Eat cheese at least once a day (always and forever)(cant go without cheese)


3) Get better at skateboarding and only hurt myself about once or twice a day

4) THATS IT!!!

Oh, the only one im thinkin about keeping from the first list, is the last one.

Adios muchochos!!!