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If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door.: April 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006

hello....um...hehe...what am i supposed to say?? My mind is like...empty right now. Well lets see, i went to the great wolf lodge......that was pretty sweet. It was fun...except for Justin always wanting to go play on the floatable beaver...dork..jk. Um..now im at home doin nothing...cool huh??

Oh, and the youth defitetly needs to do somethin on Sunday ok?? OK. BYE

Thursday, April 27, 2006

YAY!! I actually have a FUN weekend ahead of me!! Tomorrow me and Tim are goin to Great Wolf Lodge with Justin and Sean as part of Justin's b-day. Its gonna be SWEET. First we're gonna swim and slide and go on a water ride...(heh, i love how the rhymed..) until it closes...then we're gonna probably wreak HAVICK on the people below our room in the actual "hotel" part... Yeahhh....and then the next day we're gonna go skate it up at some local skatepark... I cant wait...

So yeah.. thats my jampacked weekend.lol...I'll see you guys on Sunday ok? ok. (oh except you hannah...sorry)..


Sunday, April 23, 2006

hello everyone! I hope your weekend went absolutely AMAZING! Mine......was..hehe...yeah... so anyways...david, you did AWESOME!! Thank you for killing "larzo" on the field!! im very happy now..So..you all excited for school TOMORROW?? or today...yeah you guys are probably reading this on monday....whoa...this is like.....talkin to me.....in the PAST!! AWESOME!!! This is like some major "blast from the past" action!!! lol...well, i'll see all of your bright and shining faces on wed!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

hello everyone!! I thought youth was pretty flippin amazing.....as usual! Good job luke......you da man. Anyways, im havin a pretty boring week other than last night...schoolwise everything is BORING...we doin those stupid Iowa Tests....super lame, BUT i'll ace it as usual....lol. SO yeah...thats my week so far...


Friday, April 14, 2006


Hey guys!! Hows it goin?? Geeze, I just got done skating for about 7 hours straight with Justin and going to Zona Rosa...not a pleasant ride...Our car broke down and through a series of events, we finally made it home...but other than that, Zona Rosa was really fun...me and jusin were skating and we got "pulled over" by these "Rent a Cops" and they were like...."Its after 10, your not allowed to skate here!! I mean...im gonna go easy on you cuz I used to be a skateboarder myself, but I never skated during working hours! If you wanna skate here, you should come here at 6 in the morning before anyone gets here and I'll let you skate anywhere you want...Im gonna leave you with a warning for now, but if you do this again....you'll be in some serious trouble!" So then he walked back to his truck and then he's like..."you guyz want some pretzels?" We're thinkin.....HOW...RANDOM!....it was really weird but he gave us each a huge pretzel (the kind you by and malls, big and soft) It was weird cuz he wasnt the skinniest guy in the world and I was just wondering why a fat dude would give up food.....maybe he didnt want it cuz it wasnt a donut....who knows? SO yeah...then we skated back to the car and left....but then we met up with them again and we had this idea for a random clip in our "skate video" that we would have a cop throw me to the ground and handcuff me while Justin gets it all on film...so justin went up to the rentacop and he asked him if he would beat me up.....and the dude's like "Sorry not on working hours"....so we were like...when do you get off, will you do it then?" and he wouldnt...he was a meanie...

So yeah.. thats my eventful night....now im at home doin nothing.....

Monday, April 10, 2006

I love you HARRY!! --uh.....

Did you all have an awesome weekend??? I did... Friday Sean came over and then we left for this Halo thing at my millionaire friend's mansion... it was ok, but after a while, we all got headaches and I found out that playing a dumb video game for too long can get........DUMB....so yeah, then on saturday we were awoken at 7:45!!!! THAT SUCKED...we got a whole....4 hours of sleep..hhhhh.....but then e left for the "men's" breakfast and I had some GARGANTUAN flapjacks.....oh yeah......they were absolutely amazing.....Then Sean's dad took us to Escapist (skate shop in KC) and Sean bought a couple of decks and got me a patch....(it was like shinyness to a racoon, I just couldnt resist). When we finally got home around 2 we skated til about 4 and just chilled in his house until we went with Ali, Hayden, and Hannah to Sherry's outpost, which was fun....we then went to the Robert's place and "watched" Time Machine.....(someone please clue me in if that was a good movie or not, i only watched about 10 minutes of it).......Sunday- went to church and had a blast as usual, and then went to the community center and chilled with everyone for about half an hour and then skated with Sean and Justin at LHS, Hawthorn park, and the bank downtown......it was AWESOME!! We made a seriously awesome video of us doin our DEATH-DEFYING tricks. and then saw BENCH WARMERS!! Well well well, if its not the 3 musketqueers!!! lol.....that was the funniest movie ever made!! Actually, maybe not...the pest was funnier...but still......it was histarical!! Next day.....monday..hhhhhh.......I HATE MONDAYS!! Had an extremely boring day and now im right here in front of my computer doing absolutely nothing but type....


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hey guyz, whats happenin? Man, this week has been pretty sweet! Above all, I think YOUTH WAS AMAZING!!! I love it!! I really got into it and actually felt that i contributed to answering the question about predestination or not....well, more like....makin some ok points. It was fun watching Tim and Justin yell at each other over their opinions...... QUITE entertaining....

Well, thats all i have for today.. sorry

Chi KA!!! Here's the hook.....and hes.......OFF IT!!!


Monday, April 03, 2006


Wow, my weekend was pretty flippin amazing!! Well, most of it was anyway.. Friday I went over to the Robert's to celebrate Aley's 18th B-Day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEY!! Yeah, and we watched like 3 movies, one in which Tim almost crapped his pants watching...jk, i cant really talk cuz i felt a slight hint of fear while watching it! So yeah, then on Saturday i just chilled at home all afternoon and finally went to do something. That something was goin to watch ICE AGE 2 with Ali, Hayden, John John, and....US. It was histarious!!! Yeah, Sunday went to church and it was awesome, as usual. Then left to Sean's house to skate for like........6 hours straight... IT WAS AWESOME!!! So after about 2 hours of skating, we went to Homer's with Ali and Aley. It was awesome, except for the fact that i was broke, and I was acting like a total moron...but its all good. So after that, me, justin, and Sean went skating down at LHS. IT WAS SWEET! They had this big concrete bench that was a "U"! We skated it up. Then we found a loading dock back in the back. It was fun fun fun....

Well, I gotta go now, i'll see all of your bright and shining faces lata.