JUST LIKE YOU (Three Days Grace)

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If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door.: March 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ogre. He lived happily in the dungeons and construction sites of his torturous masters...One day, he stumbled upon a mutated bunny rabbit that gave one wish. So, naturally, he was thinking about power, money, brutal-torturous death on his masters, and freedom... But he accidentally tripped and said, " I wish that puddle wasnt there for me to land in!" So,...it vanished, and he landed on sharp rocks and died....THE END.

Ok, well.....I have nothing interesting to say...other than that...Oh yeah, i thought that dillio with the other youths was gargantuously amazing!! well, i'll go now, but i'll leave with you, a quote of happiness!!

-Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized;
Henceforth I never will be lil' Romeo....I choose to be Bow Wow...
-My ears have yet not drunk a hundred words
of thy tongue's uttering, yet i know the sound:
Art thou lil' Romeo, and a moron??


Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey guys, hows it goin?? Man, I cant wait til Wednesday!! I cant stand school!! Well actually, today seemed to go way faster than a Monday ever should..but i cant complain, cuz thats a good thing. weird...
Man, i cant get over how cool St. Louis was!! My favorite part of it was either takin awesome pictures with Hayden in the museum or the ride home, just chillin and watchin movies.....it was nice..

Yep...thats all for my pathetic post.....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wow, my weekend was pretty amazing....what about yours?? First...........actaully Im having a major brainfart right now. I dont really remember anything I did over the weekend except that I went to Seans and he came to mine and we had a "party" over at my house. I cant remeber when or what days they were on, though. OH well....So yeah. Then today I went and worked out with Cody and David for a good 45 minutes. It was pretty intense. And then ran a mile with cody, then went swimming for about an hour. After that the Alies got there and we went and worked out again and ran some more ( i almost died) then swam more..........whoa, looking over this I've come to the conclusion that I could have just said I went to the community center with come friends....but no, I decided to tell all of you what I had been doing step by step...(otherwise, my update would be like...2 sentences long).

So yeah....thats my weekend of fun and adventure. I guess I'll see all of your bright and shining faces sometime other than now.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hello one and all!! Hows life?? Man, Im so tired!! I had to wake up at like.....6:30 to go set up and practice for the Talent Show. ITS GONNA BE AMAZING!! We've got glow in the dark paint all over our "instruments" and when we turn off all of the lights, we're gonna turn on a strobe light!! Its awesome!! Our fake drumset is just about real-looking except for the fact that its twice as small as a real one, but that should still be cool. Then, Im gonna break the base drum over Cody's head...its gonna be sweet!!

I cant wait for tomorrow's Talent show!! Me, Jon, Hoppe, Cody, and Jake are gonna be flippin amazing!! We've practiced like a bujillion times and im pretty sure we've got it down.....but yeah....its gonna be cool! We're gonna be down graded, though, because we're gonna call people up to the front to form a moshpit, and the judges said they would down downgrade us if that happened cuz they couldnt "see" us. (bunch of retards)

Well, I'll see all of your bright and shining faces later!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hello. Hows life? thats good. no, thats great...

Man, today really sucked at school!! I thought it wouldnt end!! I was lost in thoughts like all day, just daydreaming......much like Im doing right now... yeahhhh.. So. I think Im gonna go swimmin and workin out with Cody on Sunday and its gonna be amazing! Truly amazing! Oh, and I think we need to have a Movie night or somethin on Friday or Saturday cuz we havent had wanna those in a while... those are always fun (except when Sean has the errisistable urge to BITE ME!! That freakin hurts!! It makes me wanna go on a killing rampage! jk.. but yeah, thats gotta stop. OK?? Ok. Yessss..........tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I cannot wait!! I think I need somethin to do on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday I've got somethin to do!YES! So......are you all happy? Yes, im talking to you! Havin fun? Cool.

Well, now that we're back outside of my head, I gotta..................

Saturday, March 04, 2006

OK, did anyone else besides me have fun in Lawrence?!!? I mean, all I've heard were negative comments about it. I actaully enjoyed it!! Even though I didnt even buy that much. OH WELL.....

On a differant subject, hows LIFE?? Hope you answered good or better! In case you dont know, as Im typing this Im in a semi-delirious mindset. Anything that pops into my head I type. Popsicles.......... Yeah.........
So....did you all have fun at Sean's partay?? I DID!! Even though I only got to stay to play about 3 rounds of Halo with him, but otherwise I had a complete blast!

Oh YEAH!! I totally forgot about going snowboarding on Friday!! It was amazing!! I didnt face plant as many times as last time!! I was so proud. I wish I was as good as Jon though. He was flippin amazing!! He got like....3 feet of air that time!! And I didnt see him fall even once.....crazy. Yep...snowboarding was really fun. I feel sorry for the Alie's though, cuz they seemed to be pretty sore the next day.....that bites. Plus, everyone who fell got cuts from the ice, but other than that,.....it was COOL.

Yep, so here I am typing away the innermost deepest uncalculatable thoughts of JC........

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Я люблю вас

HELLO ONE AND ALL!! Yeah, sorry about not bein as social as usual at youth. Its just that things seem to have become a "laugh competition" always! I cant stand it!! I mean yeah, I like to make you guys laugh and all, but when it seems like Im having to compete with Cody and Sean, I just dont really feel like doin anything. DOnt get me wrong, Im not saying this is a competition, IM just saying it seems like one in my own head. Weird. Im starting to think that I think to much. Oh great, i did it again. Oh well... Yeah anyways, on another subject......I thought worship was absolutely AMAZING!!! It was so much fun!! I also liked playing JESUS FREAK after youth and I BROKE A STICK!! Amazing!! I guess my party skills were too much for that little stick to handle!!! Yep.........oh yeah, I finally got a new board!! TOok a while, but it came. Im pretty flippin happy....Yeah......OH HAPPY B-DAY SEAN!!! YOUR MY ABSOLUTE BEST FRIEND EVER!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Yep, I guess thats it for the amazing life of...............ME!

Whoa, that whole thing about when Ali said that I probably hit something to break the drumstick is still running through my head.............weird. OH WELL... SEE YA FRIDAY AT SEANS BDAY!!!