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If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door.: November 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hello one and all. I would just like to thank all of the little people who got me to where I am. Actually........scratch that. Im not very far in life and im not even tallking about my age. Im talking about my mental level. I may be in some smarter classes, but that doesnt mean that i know the exact calculational magrithea criteria that goes on in those classes. I mean seriously, I may look like a retard, but dont let that decieve you, im actually related to Albert Weinstine. (Albert Einstein's cousin's brother's nephew's roommate's mom with a big mole). Hes not as smart as Albert Einstein but he can count to 42, also known as the meaning of life. Um.....i have to go take a driving test i'll tell you how it went.


Well, i just took the test.......and failed miserably. I accidentally hit a little 4 year old boy running in the middle street. k

Chootley Choo!!

Chizzler out.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I cant believe that Thanksgiving break is already over!! That gets me kinda ticked off knowing i have to go back to school but still..........that had to be the coolest break ever

First was goin to see Harry Potter 4 with Ali and Hayden and their sister. That was the awesomest movie ever! It was kinda creepy though when you saw Voldemort's nose. That reminded me of ryan but i dont know why.jk .

Then i went to Cody's and didnt go to sleep until 5:30 in the flipping morning!!! Then we had to wake up at 8:30!! That really really really really really sucked. So did the putting up of the barb-wire fence, but hangin out with Cody the whole time made it worth it in the end. True story!!! (Do ya know what movie thats off of??)

Anyway, that night we had the coolest most awesomest party in the universal galaxy thingamabobber. The 4-wheeler tag was awesome until everyone got too tired to play anymore and then i just went and hung out with the 2 coolest aleys/alis in the world on the hay bail. It was cool cause there were alot of stars out that night and i saw Mars... and saw the man on the moon who happened to be dancing to Kumbaiya(sp).

The next day we played foozball at St. Phil's, I mean Mary's ( sorry i was dozing off into space) and i didnt do that well but good enough to not break a bone and to get uno touchdown. . . . . Later that night we saw Madagascar (I like to move it, move it/I like to move it, move it/ I like to move it, move it/ You like to.................MOVE IT!!) That was hilarious, like when the king lemur guy said "I have an announcement to make so shutup!! That was a thigh-slappin head-throw-backer!! And then we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail which i dont think any of us will ever stop quoting.

The next day i went to church and worship practice but i didnt really talk as much as i usually do. I had a tiny headache. But its all good in the neighborhood!!

Yep, i'll remember that weekend for quite some time. hhhhhhhhh.....

THen school had to come and ruin everything. And to top that off, the snow came!! I mean i like snow and all, but not when it only snows like 1 cm. That is just good for nothing. I only like it when its thick enought to snowboard and sled on.

Well, this just happens to be breaking my record of longest posts in the universe. So i think i should get a medal or something:D


Chizzler out.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


For those of you youth members who dont know about this already, we are having a PARTY at my house tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Thats a Friday. Then some of you can probably stay the night and go play football with us on Saturday and then go to the movie thing at the church.

Well, other than that, i don t really have anything to say except that ive just realized how awesome are youth group really is. It seems like we're hangin out like almost everyday now. Totally AWESOME. Well, i'll talk to all of you later:D


Chizzler out.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I seranate all of these pictures to...........LUKE. Ding ding ding!! Lucky Winner!!

This shot is taken after the BIG FALL and now im skating as a ghost.

You like my new grind???

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well, im gonna leave pretty soon to go to worship practice and play drums. Good thing im playin drums this week.. lol. And i have to leave like 20 minutes early because Tim told me that i have to because ryan somehow locked Jon's keys into his car. What a flippin dork.... but thats just my inner-self talking. Im only updating because ive been getting on everyone elses backes about updating and when i look at mine, i havent updated in like.........3 WHOLE DAYS. OH MY GOSH, VICKY!!

Eeewww, thats enough of that kinda talk. THis is starting to sound like my last post, just blabbin on and on about internal affairs or mental affiars or skateboarding affairs or.....................sorry about that, i was half asleep and dreaming.


Chizzler out.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

So what if i choose not to update for a week?? What is the update police gonna do about it??? Oh, shun me from society.. What if i want to be shunned?? That way none of you can hurt my feelings by saying something mean!!(tear)(tissue)(toilet). Yeah, you heard me. Now you CANT hurt my feelings.

whoa. Im never gonna talk like that again. Its too.........whats the word..................um, lets see.................EMO!!!

Im not like a bunch of the kiddy, sissy, whiner-babies that work for the news company in Bruce Almighty. Oops, JC made a funny:)))

OK, im done. Ive had my fun with trying to act like the opposite of me.

If you get anything ive just said, you are the 1st because even i, the GREAT JC, dont get anything ive just said. Im just blabbin on and on.


Oh my, im at the church right now and some chinese, asian, or korean guy who cant speak english very well came in and wanted jon to jump his car but jon doesnt have any cables. So jon says he is going to go to a parts shop and buy jumper cables. I hope this isnt some scam thing where the guy is trying to luer jon into a trap. Oh boy. See ya.

CHizzler out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Guess what??? TODAY IS MY MOMS BIRTHDAY!!! Im so happy right now. i left school at 12:00 to get a flu shot and after that we went straight home to set up for my moms birthday. Thats like........hold on let me think.....................oh, got it.....2 and half HOURS OFF OF SCHOOL!!! I made my mom not just 1 ordinary cake......but 2 awesome cakes. I made them all by myself. Arent you proud of me??? lol. So here i am at the computer waiting for my cakes to pop out of the oven, but by the time you people read this and comment back they'll already be eatin, digested, and....well, never mind.

Would you guys like to see the picture of the skatepark i rode on in Nebraska?? OK, You talked me into it.





Saturday, November 12, 2005

Well, the Hotel-Resort was awesome!! It had everything i said it would. It was like my heaven. All you can eat breakfast, pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness room, and it had a skatepark not even a block away!!! How awesome is that? That is like........perfect!!!(almost). The only bad thing was that the skatepark was a little wet, but that couldnt stop me. Oh yeah, i finally worked up the guts to try and ollie this huge 6 stair. I finally landed it on my 3rd or 4th try. It made me pretty happy.

Look, im sorry i couldnt take any of you so dont stab when comes sunday. OK?

I love each and every one of you. Bye bye.

CHizzler out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Im havin a blast right now. I am eating pizza de la pasta while watching Batman Begins. Plus tomorrow i play in a parade and then go Nebraska for a resort. Oh yeah, i real resort. with hottubs and swimming pools and all you can eat breakfast buffet with every kind of thing you can imagine. What more could a guy ask for? Well I'll talk to later.

I love all of you
guys, girls, women, men, and Eric.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Monday, November 07, 2005